A Closer Look at Hip Pain

Hip pain can profoundly affect one’s quality of life, limiting mobility and the ability to perform daily activities. Whether it stems from osteoarthritis, sports injuries, or chronic conditions, understanding the origins of this pain is the first step toward effective relief.

The Sciatic Nerve and the Manifestations of Pain

Sciatic nerve pain can be extremely bothersome. Let’s explore the nature of sciatic nerve pain and its manifestations, possible causes, and practical tips for managing pain.

The pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome

Do you feel a sharp burning sensation in your wrist? Or maybe a tingling sensation that runs from your fingers to your arm? If so, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition can occur for a variety of reasons. Left untreated, it can result in significant limitations. However, there is hope! By knowing the cause and possible remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, it is possible to recover.

Understanding aches and pains: tips to prevent and relieve them

We have all experienced muscular pain after an intense sporting activity or after making a sustained and unusual effort. These are the famous aches and pains! Are they a sign that we have worked hard physically, or rather that we have overstressed our body? In this article, we will look into the situation further to help you better understand muscle soreness. Of course, we’ll give you tips on how to prevent them, as well as how to relieve them when they do occur.

Torticollis or a stiff neck: Pain alert!

Those who have already suffered from it know it well: a torticollis, or a stiff neck, is really limiting in everyday life! This is why we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. In this article, the Genacol team takes a closer look at torticollis, a common cause of neck pain. We discuss some solutions to manage it.

Tendonitis in 5 questions

Tendonitis is a fairly common injury, especially during sports or professional activities. As the name suggests, they affect the tendons. But what exactly is a tendon? What is the function of tendons within our musculoskeletal system? How does tendonitis manifest itself? How is it treated, and more importantly, how can this type of injury be prevented?

Understanding muscle pain

We’ve all experienced muscle pain at one time or another, whether it’s exercising, carrying grocery bags, or simply getting older… This pain can be frustrating and limiting. But what are the real causes of muscle pain? In this article, we are going to take a closer look at these. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or simply trying to stay active, read on to get helpful tips!

Musculoskeletal health: how to preserve it as we age

The musculoskeletal system is vital since it’s involved in every movement we make, allowing us to be mobile and maintain stable postures.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can be really limiting in everyday life. If you’ve ever had it, you probably know it! When it occurs, it becomes necessary to specify the cause for adequate support.

Tips for Reducing Musculoskeletal Pain

Do you suffer from musculoskeletal pain? Whether it’s chronic back, neck or joint pain, or the occasional ailment, you’re not alone. Here are some natural […]