For most of us, collagen rhymes with anti-wrinkle care. However, it also has a key role to play in our entire body. To learn more about the Genacol brand, a true reference in this field, please find below all the answers to your questions about collagen.

What is collagen for exactly?

Without collagen, we would be real puddles! It is the most important structural protein of our body. It is found everywhere: in our internal arteries, skin, ligaments, connective tissue…

If our body produces collagen, why should we take a collagen supplement?

With aging, our collagen production drops. After age 30, our body produces around 1% less collagen each year. The first signs of lack of collagen can be seen in our skin with wrinkles.

And by age 45, we start to feel the physical effects mostly on joints.

Collagen drop drains ligaments, tendons and cartilages, which causes inflammation and joint pain. It is actually about the normal wear and tear of joints—commonly known as osteoarthritis.

Taking collagen can thus help to prevent joint pain?

Yes! Collagen helps to regenerate and keep tendons and cartilage healthy. Consequently, joints work better and both inflammation and pain decrease or may even go away!

How is it good for people who take it?

Collagen used by Genacol is characterized by its low molecular weight—the lowest molecular weight in the world!

In fact, Genacol® products contain AminoLock® Collagen derived from a unique process—patent pending. It is such a great progress because the lower the molecular weight, the better the absorption. This contributes to better and faster results.

Are Genacol products 100% natural?

Yes. However, this does not mean that they are not effective. Three clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of our AminoLock® Collagen. This formula is recommended to reduce joint pain without the side effects of prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, this is a very interesting product for prevention.

Genacol offers a whole range of products for joint pain.

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