Our products to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Living with joint pain day after day can be unbearable. Osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease of the joints, can affect people of all ages.

As of today, there is no cure to treat osteoarthritis. However, there are solutions available to you to manage the symptoms and live better with them daily.

At Genacol®, we rigorously choose each complementary ingredient to offer you a complete and diversified range of natural products to relieve your joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and protect them against cartilage deterioration.

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Genacol® Pain Relief

Genacol Plus Collagene Amniolock 90 tablets

Genacol Plus

Genacol Optimum 90 tablets

Genacol Optimum Tablets


Genacol Optimum Liquid Formula


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