The Genacol range of supplements and products is a natural solution to dealing with joint pain related to osteoarthritis. This range contains our AminoLock Collagen, which has the lowest molecular weight of any collagen supplement on the market. This increases the absorption of the collagen by the body and has benefits that prevent or reduce joint pain.

We decided to write this article in order to answer the five questions we are most frequently asked about the Genacol product line.

Are Genacol products natural?

It is our mission to offer the population natural and effective alternatives to reduce joint pain. To do this, we rely on science for the research and development of our products.

So, the answer to this question is yes! Genacol products are natural supplements. They all contain collagen as well as other natural ingredients, which are specially chosen because of their joint health benefits. Genacol products, as we mentioned, are all composed of our exclusive AminoLock Collagen, the primary purpose of which is to preserve the quality of the cartilage within the joints in order to prevent the pain associated with osteoarthritis. What sets our products apart is the addition of ingredients that provide complementary benefits to those of collagen.

Are Genacol products good for all forms of osteoarthritis?

Yes! Genacol products are specifically designed to reduce joint pain due to osteoarthritis regardless of the joint affected by the pain. Thus, you could benefit from the action of Genacol supplements if you suffer with one of the following types of osteoarthritis:

  • Gonarthrosis: osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Digital osteoarthritis: affects the fingers, thumb and wrist
  • Coxarthrosis: arthrosis of the hip joint
  • Cervical arthrosis, dorsarthrosis, lumbar osteoarthritis: types of osteoarthritis that affect vertebrae (in the neck, upper back or lower back)
  • Omarthrosis: osteoarthritis of the shoulder
  • Other types of osteoarthritis: elbow, ankle, wrist, etc.

Can I take Genacol products with medication?

Yes… and no! Genacol Pain Relief and Genacol Original Formula products have no known drug interactions. However, for other products in our range, it is important to read the label to know any possible drug interactions.

It may be appropriate to check with your pharmacist that the Genacol product of your choice is well suited to your medical situation. This is the best thing to do to rule out any risk of drug interactions or side effects. Please note that the list of ingredients can be found on our site, or under the label of our products.

To learn more about side effects and possible contraindications regarding our products, read this article on our blog.

Can I use Genacol products in the long term?

Absolutely! Note that osteoarthritis is an incurable degenerative disease so takin our supplements continuously allows you to maintain the results of Genacol products with regard to the pain felt in your joints. On the contrary, stopping taking your supplements for a while will allow the disease to progress, which may cause the pain to return.

In short, Genacol products, when added to your daily routine, represents a considerable asset in taking  care of your joint health.

How long does it take for Genacol to work?

Our consumers’ valuable testimonies show us that, in the majority of cases, results can be felt in a few days or weeks.

However, for some people who suffer from osteoarthritis, it may take a few months before feeling the effects of the supplements. This depends on certain factors, such as the main cause of the pain and the level of severity of cartilage degeneration caused by osteoarthritis. Genacol’s natural products are not intended to mask joint pain. Rather, they help maintain healthy cartilage with the goal of reducing pain over time.

To better understand the benefits of AminoLock Collagen and its very important role for our body, read this article.

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