The Effectiveness of Genacol Supplements

At Genacol, we are proud to offer people who suffer from joint pain caused by osteoarthritis concrete solutions to fight it. This is with our natural supplements, which contain our patented AminoLock Collagen. How can we explain their effectiveness?

A unique collagen for better efficiency

The AminoLock Collagen contained in all Genacol supplement range products is obtained using a patented scientific technique. This technique makes it possible to obtain ultra-hydrolyzed collagen from bovine sources, which has the lowest molecular weight in the world (less than 1 kilodalton). This very low molecular weight considerably increases the bioavailability of collagen compounds for our body. In other words, the body absorbs collagen more efficiently and derives maximum benefit from it.

AminoLock Collagen therefore provides the body with key elements in maintaining joint health. This makes it a natural solution that is most effective in relieving pain in people who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Results proven by several studies

The greater bioavailability of our AminoLock Collagen has been proven in a research project carried out in partnership with the School of Human Nutrition at McGill University. AminoLock Collagen was compared with a generic collagen found in the majority of supplements currently available on the market. By reproducing the complete process of digestion, absorption and metabolism as it occurs in the human body, we were able to highlight and quantify this greater bioavailability. Results: Genacol’s unique collagen hydrolyzate is better metabolized than the generic form. Moreover, three clinical studies were conducted to measure the effects of Genacol supplements on joint health. Here are the three main conclusions that have been drawn:
Taking Genacol supplements containing AminoLock Collagen allows a significant reduction in joint pain;
Supplements help prevent the degradation of the joint space, i.e., the space between the ends of the bones within the same joint;
Combined with an appropriate exercise program, Genacol supplements reduce the wear and tear of the cartilage within the joints, thus reducing pain and improving the general functional state of individuals.

We invite people who wish to know more about these studies to visit this page on our site.

Why take Genacol collagen supplements?

Supplements that contain our AminoLock Collagen are a natural and safe solution to reduce joint pain. Only minimal side effects (digestive symptoms) are reported in some cases. Certain contraindications must however be taken into consideration for each product. You can find out more by reading our article on this subject. Many people have noticed beneficial effects quickly after integrating our supplements into their daily routine. For others, it may be that, given the severity of the osteoarthritis or the nature of the joint problem, it may take several weeks before feeling the benefits of our products on their joints.

By preventing the premature degradation of cartilage, which is inherent in osteoarthritis, Genacol supplements help reduce pain and help maintain better mobility. It could be the solution to help you say goodbye to your joint pain and to continue doing all the activities you love!

Try Canada's #1 Selling Joint Care Supplement

Genacol Pain Relief is a natural health product containing ultra-hydrolyzed AminoLock Collagen and Eggshell Membrane and it’s one of the favourite products in our range. This exclusive formula incorporates naturally sourced ingredients that help reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Thanks to this clinically proven joint care supplement, you can start to feel results in just 5 days!

Make Canada’s #1 Selling Joint Care Supplement part of your daily routine too, and feel the difference!

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