Torticollis or a stiff neck: Pain alert!

Those who have already suffered from it know it well: a torticollis, or a stiff neck, is really limiting in everyday life! This is why we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. In this article, the Genacol team takes a closer look at torticollis, a common cause of neck pain. We discuss some solutions to manage it.

Why, Doctor?

Torticollis occurs when there is damage to the cervical nerve, which causes the muscles it controls to contract. This causes tension in the neck, which greatly limits range of motion. It becomes more difficult to turn the head in all directions, often more specifically in one direction. Torticollis generally affects one side more than the other.

A torticollis is characterized by the following symptoms:

Muscle tension and pain that can go down into the upper back;

Instability of the neck, which forces a twisted position to one side. The head is likely to be in an awkward position as a result;

Muscle spasms.

Common causes of torticollis

There are several factors that can be behind a bad case of torticollis. In many cases, it is a joint problem, as we will see below. Here are the causes frequently associated with this problem:

Bad posture

Because of our sedentary lifestyle, neck pain is a threat. This is particularly related to the use of computers at work and mobile devices, which encourage us to constantly project our head and neck forward. Poor sleeping posture is also a common cause of neck pain.

Joint instability

This can result from an injury to the neck. The joint structures become unstable and may move with movement. It is important to note that joint instability can be observed in children who are growing.

A shock or impact

Neck injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents because of sudden movements of the head caused by impact. The practice of certain sports, including those involving contact, also increases risk.

Intervertebral disc dysfunction

Problems affecting the articular discs that separate the cervical vertebrae may also be involved. We can notice an inflammation of the discs, or even a tear (herniated disc).

How can it be relieved quickly?

Pain caused by a torticollis or a stiff neck can be very real. In this sense, it is relevant to look for solutions to manage it.


Apply ice

When the pain is acute, applying ice for 10 minutes every hour will reduce inflammation and control the pain. It is recommended to place the ice in a washcloth to prevent direct contact with the skin.


Apply heat

Conversely, when the pain has subsided, it may be advisable to apply a warm compress to the cervical region. This will reduce muscle tension and control spasms, which can be very painful. This can be done in 15-20 minute applications, several times a day.


Do neck mobility exercises

Gentle movements can help reduce tension by stretching the neck muscles. For example, you can tilt your head slightly to each side and hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. However, any movement that causes too much pain should be stopped.


Consult a professional

If the pain caused by torticollis is persistent, or if there is weakness that may affect the arms, it is recommended that you consult a health care professional, such as a physician or physiotherapist. An examination can help identify imbalances or instability that may be causing the problem. It is then easier to take action to manage the torticollis and prevent future attacks.

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