Genacol’s mission is to see you age healthily and stay active longer. But what can you do to stay active?

Get Active Every Day

Being active obviously means getting physical activity as regularly as possible. Kino-Québec recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, even for those of advanced age. Why? Because physical activity plays an important role in maintaining your health, your morale and your quality of life!

Slowly but Surely

You are not very active? Gradually incorporate physical activities into your daily schedule. By going slowly, but surely, you increase your chances of keeping your new habits. Additionally, choose motivating activities you enjoy and find yourself a partner or a group to increase the fun factor. It will be easier!

Grandchildren Mean Sports!

Having grandchildren around brings a big dose of happiness and keeps you more active. Avail yourself of their visit to go to the park or go on a bike ride. You will see that at the end of the day you will be tired but very happy to have been able to move and share good times with them.

Choose Adaptive Sports

Many sports centres offer activities for all tastes and range of ages. We can’t stop talking about the benefits of swimming since it is an excellent sport for cardiovascular health and is easy on joints. You might also consider walking since it is a very accessible, low risk physical activity. Did you know that the municipalities have walking groups? It is a great option to engage in physical activity and get to know new friends.

Joint pain keeps you from moving?

Incorporate Genacol’s products into your everyday life. It has been clinically proven that AminoLock® Collagen from Genacol helps to regenerate damaged cartilage and relieve pain. Additionally, the new Genacol Pain Relief contains eggshell membrane which acts as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. These two ingredients help to reduce joint pain in less than 5 days. Give a boost to your body and joints and start moving again!

We constantly repeat it, staying active also helps to reduce joint pain. Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the pressure on your movable joints, especially your knees and hips. Physical activity also strengthens the muscles around them, which also helps to reduce pain.

It’s a simple recipe! Genacol Pain Relief, a good dose of motivation and 30 minutes of physical activity per day and you will enjoy a longer active life.

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