Make physical activity part of your lifestyle

We keep hearing how important it is to be physically active and to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits to physical, mental and cognitive health are indeed numerous. The problem is that integrating regular physical activity into your lifestyle is easier said than done… What’s more, it can be difficult to maintain your motivation so that being active becomes part of your lifestyle. We wanted to address this issue here and share some tips to help you adopt a sustainable active lifestyle.

The importance of an active lifestyle

According to data published by Statistics Canada, approximately 88% of Canadians are sedentary.

This is quite worrisome when we know that a sedentary lifestyle considerably increases the risk of suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and several types of cancer.

Yet the recommendations are unequivocal. People aged 18 and over should do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week. It is also recommended that adults engage in activities that include strength training at least twice a week, particularly to counteract the muscle loss that is inherent in aging.

The list of benefits of regular physical activity is long. These benefits touch on many facets of health. Here are some examples:

4 strategies to adopt to integrate physical activity into daily life

Here are some general tips that everyone can use. Whatever your age or physical condition, it is never too late to be more active on a daily basis and to integrate a sport practice adapted to your abilities.


Making room in your schedule

It is imperative to schedule time for physical activity each week! Why not treat gym sessions or sports activities as appointments, by reserving a place for them in your weekly schedule? You can also schedule a few times during the week to use an active mode of transportation to get to work, such as walking or biking. It is equally important to schedule small active moments throughout the day: a morning jog, a lunchtime walk, a walk with the dog when you get home from work, etc. All of these moments add up to reach weekly recommendations!


Set achievable and sustainable goals

It's a great way to motivate yourself to set goals when starting a new sport. It can be a specific amount of time to train, a distance to run or cycle, or weights to lift in weight training exercises. The goals should be adapted to our basic abilities and evolve over time as you improve. In addition, it is all too common to see people who intend to get in shape for a specific event, such as a beach vacation, but give up once the event is over. This can be a good motivator, but it shouldn't be the only reason to be more active on a daily basis.


Surround yourself

Sometimes working out with a friend can give you extra motivation. You don't want to let someone down by missing a session so you're more motivated to "kick butt" on the days you're not so keen. Group classes are another good way to be active while being well surrounded. Practicing sports is also a time for socializing!


Find ways to be active all year round

It is normal to have activities that we prefer. However, physical activity can be integrated into your lifestyle in many ways. In addition, it is generally beneficial to participate in different sports, as there are specific advantages to be gained.

Above all, find ways to be active and have fun all year round! Cross-country skiing, skating and snowshoeing in the winter; biking, swimming, gardening in the summer... There are many disciplines and active leisure activities to explore.

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