Yes, occasional knee pain is now much more common. Whether good or bad weather, our knees make themselves felt…
Since knees are complex joints that play a significant role in our daily life providing mobility and impact absorption, when pain takes a hold, it may become quickly disabling. Pain may result, for instance, from an injury or tendonitis. However, if you feel:

  • Pain as you walk or go up or downstairs
  • Knee stiffness in the morning or whenever you try to bend or stretch out your legs
  • Knee swelling or sensitivity

You may belong to that 15% of the population whose pain is caused by knee osteoarthritis, also known as gonarthrosis.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes wear and progressive loss of articular cartilage. This impacts all joint functions. Cartilage becomes damaged and breaks down; the lubricating properties of synovial fluid are lost or it may even cause joint swelling; ligaments around the knee become loose and cause instability and stiffness. Naturally, pain is the most obvious symptom.

The main causes of knee osteoarthritis are explained by the aging of the population, a sedentary lifestyle and overweight. Although there is no medicine to cure osteoarthritis and certain risk factors such as age and heredity are unavoidable, there are certain steps you may take that will help you prevent osteoarthritis, relieve your pain and improve your mobility.

Reducing Pressure on Your Joints

A great deal of research establishes a direct link between overweight and osteoarthritis. Excess weight is pretty challenging for the knee joint. Did you know that as we walk our knees are subjected to a force equivalent to up to 6 times our body weight? An individual who weighs 200 pounds puts about 1,200 pounds on their knees only by walking! This is equivalent to the pressure of 120 sacks of potatoes, 10 pounds each…

So, adopt a healthy lifestyle and prevent a sedentary one. A balanced diet and regular physical activity will help you reach a healthy weight and strengthen the muscles that support your joints and ensure their flexibility. You will thus ensure a better quality of life, reduce the pressure on your joints and pain will be soothed.

Genacol, a Natural Effective Ally Against Osteoarthritis

Genacol offers effective natural products providing an alternative solution to prescription drugs or other invasive procedures such infiltration or surgery. All Genacol products are made from AminoLock® Collagen. This natural ingredient—demonstrated by 3 independent clinical studies—helps regenerate cartilage, thus making joints work better and reducing swelling and pain or even making them go away.

Combined with one or more beneficial ingredients to maintain healthy joints such as glucosamine (Genacol Plus) or even eggshell membrane (Genacol Pain Relief), you will find an ally in our sizeable range of products to fight osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Your knees will get better…
And so will you!