Considering that spring is only just starting and that you are already feeling your joint pain, you will find here certain tricks to helping you ease your pain:

Move 30 minutes every day

A sedentary lifestyle causes more joint pain than physical activity! Upon exercising, you will increase your joint mobility, maintain the muscle mass around your joints and ultimately you will notice that you feel less pain.
So, enjoy the nice weather to do your favorite outdoor activities.

Don’t you really like high-impact activities? Then go swimming or do yoga instead. These moderate-intensity activities are very beneficial for joints and you can still enjoy the beautiful weather outside. It is important to put your health first and move!

Take care of your joints

Osteoarthritis is cartilage degeneration. It also affects the set of joints—ligaments, bones, muscles and synovial fluid (the fluid that lubricates your joints naturally). The most commonly seen cases are knee osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis, and facet joint osteoarthritis, getting to the spinal joints. In addition to cartilage degradation, localized inflammation can also be felt in your joints. This may cause a lot of inconvenience and maybe prevents you from taking full advantage of the beautiful season that is finally here.