Spring is finally knocking at the door! For many runners, this season is a synonym of new challenges on the way. But, for some other, knee pain will probably be part of the journey. “Runner’s Knee” is the most common issue experienced by runners, and it is not to be disregarded. Knees—which take in and absorb all of the impact, as well as knee tendons—can be overworked with so many kilometers, which can cause that pain you feel in your kneecap or on the outside of the knee. Prevention can be the key to avoid this problem and enjoy every run!

Here is some things you can do to help reduce your risk of developing this problem :

1. Start slowly but surely.

Be sure you don’t run a complete half-marathon on your first run! Take the time to build your way back up to the longer runs. A great way to get back into running after a long layoff is the combination walk/run. Starting at a slower pace is another way to make sure you will not be injured.

2. Warm-up and stretch.

Be sure to warm up properly before your run and stretch all your muscles after. It is one of the best way to prevent any injuries.

3. Kick-start your knees!

Get some help from Genacol® Optimum—a high-quality natural supplement—to optimize your knee joint recovery. Genacol Optimum provides a combination of 4 essential natural ingredients to maintain joint health:

  • AminoLock® Collagen
    MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)


It is important to take care of your joints!

Did you know that 67% – 90% of tendons, ligaments and cartilages are composed of collagen? Running may sometimes cause early cartilage deterioration in your knees. AminoLock® Collagen regenerates cartilage and relieves your pain, with proven effectiveness for joint health supported by 3 clinical studies!Given that it has the lowest molecular weight in the world—less than 1 kDa (kilodalton)—, it is easily absorbed by your body, with greater and faster results.

Glucosamine increases the lubricating action of synovial fluid which helps to improve joint mobility and flexibility. The benefits of glucosamine to maintain joint health are widely known as well.

Chondroitin is an ingredient that helps to protect joints and connective tissues.

Lastly, MSM is responsible for maintaining tendons and ligaments in good condition, and helps maximize the combination of the four ingredients of this product.

So runners, don’t get too excited once the warm weather will finally hits! Start slowly, be sure to stretch and get a little boost from Genacol Optimum. With these tips you will be back on track for your long summer runs.

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