Because of the pandemic, the holiday season will be quite different this year! Since gathering with family and friends is prohibited, we will need to be creative to reimagine Christmas and have fun. Indeed, we believe that it is possible to celebrate this special time, despite the pandemic. That is why we’re sharing some of our ideas with you.

Virtual family gatherings

The pandemic has undoubtedly opened up the world of videoconferencing platforms. Whether in a professional or personal setting, we have all had many virtual meetings this year, with colleagues, friends, or family. So, it’s no surprise that many of us will be using videoconferencing to spend time with our loved ones. It’s a great way to maintain those social ties that are so important at this time of year.

To change a bit from “ordinary” virtual parties, why not plan a group activity that everyone can do at home? A culinary workshop, a do-it-yourself activity, or a team quiz… These are some ideas for fun activities that are easy to do at the same time, even if we are all at a distance.

Outdoor activities

“My country is not a country, it’s winter.” All Quebecers know these words from the great Gilles Vigneault. This holiday season, let’s reclaim our winter and enjoy the beautiful snow it gives us. It’s time to do as many outdoor activities as possible with our family! Let’s take this opportunity to try a new activity, such as cross-country skiing or Nordic walking. Get your boots and snowsuits out to spend time enjoying the outdoors. The outdoors and physical activities will undoubtedly do our morale a lot of good.

A romantic Christmas for couples

Couples without children will be spending Christmas one-on-one this year. Well, it’s a good opportunity to organize a most romantic evening. You could prepare a meal worthy of a great restaurant and open a good bottle that you were saving for a special occasion. Why not end this delicious meal with a little stroll, watching the snow shine under the moonlight. This year, Christmas will be a great opportunity to spend a special moment with the person you care about the most!

Enjoying yourself and simple pleasures

This holiday season will probably be particularly difficult for single people. However, you should give yourself the necessary means to avoid getting depressed and to chase away negative feelings. Rather, we should take advantage of this time to focus on what makes us feel good and indulge in simple pleasures, such as preparing our favourite meal, engaging in hobbies that we love, etc. Since we won’t be able to spoil our loved ones in the same way this year, let’s take the opportunity to spoil ourselves!

Pay it forward

The holiday season is synonymous with many initiatives to help those in need, and the pandemic has increased the need for volunteers and donations in many community organizations. We invite you to look for organizations and initiatives in which you can participate or offer your help, whether among adults or with children. It’s indeed a great way to teach children values such as compassion and sharing, and to make them realize that not everyone is as fortunate as they are.

Preparing a box of non-perishable food items to offer to organizations such as Les Banques alimentaires du Québec is easy to do and brings great help to a family in need. In addition, organizations such as Opération Père Noël make it possible to send a gift on Christmas Day to an underprivileged child or a child without a family. In short, if you do a little research, you will undoubtedly find an initiative that meets your values and will allow you to help your neighbour during this very special holiday season!

The Genacol Team takes the opportunity to wish you a great Holiday Season. May 2021 brings you happiness, well-being and a little bit of softness.

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