Have you ever heard of Nordic walking? If this sport is attracting more and more people, it is undoubtedly because of the many benefits it offers and its great versatility for people looking for an activity that is as affordable as complete.

About Nordic Walking

Nordic walking originated in the Scandinavian countries, more particularly in Finland. It was originally a type of summer training for cross-country skiers.

It’s simple: by using poles specially designed for Nordic walking, we perform a much more dynamic type of walking, one that also involves our arms and torso. With the poles, the natural movements of the arms are accentuated and help propel the body forward. This way, we can take longer and faster steps.

When done properly, Nordic walking will use up to 90% of the body’s muscles and should burn as many calories as jogging. It is estimated that energy expenditure is up to 40% higher in Nordic walking than in traditional walking.

Benefits of Nordic walking

The popularity of Nordic walking can be explained by its many benefits, the main ones being as follows:

A complete sport

As mentioned, Nordic walking is a sport much more complete than traditional walking. It is a true form of all-around training that provides many benefits by improving muscle tone, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, posture, balance, etc. Of course, when Nordic walking is done on a regular basis, you can enjoy all the benefits of physical activity on physical and mental health.

A sport easy on the joints

In addition to stimulating walking, using poles helps maintain joint health because the body weight is distributed over four points: two feet and two poles. This significantly reduces the pressure on the joints, especially the knees, that other sports such as jogging can cause.

An accessible sport

The accessibility of Nordic walking is undoubtedly one of the factors that explains its growing popularity. Indeed, to get started, you simply need to get Nordic walking poles and comfortable walking boots or shoes. Moreover, Nordic walking can be done anywhere outdoors: on the streets, in a park, in any green space, etc. It is a versatile and accessible sport that can be easily practised in both rural and urban areas!

A Few Facts…

In short, Nordic walking is:

  • A physical activity practised outdoors and all seasons;
  • An activity that can be done anywhere, alone or with a group;
  • A sport that requires little equipment, apart from Nordic walking poles specially designed for this activity;
  • A sport that improves cardiovascular fitness and involves the whole body;
  • A physical activity that is easy on the joints.

Many companies, organizations and cities offer introductory Nordic walking courses. It is sometimes even possible to rent the poles you need to practice this activity. This is an excellent way to try it without commitment and learn the technique involved in Nordic walking!

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