Why is Genacol essential for your joints?

Joints are located where two bones come together. The best known joints are the movable joints, such as those in the knees, hips, ankles and […]

Importance of sleep for your health

Despite what we might think, sleep is an active phenomenon for the human body. Indeed, research has shown that most of the metabolic work necessary […]

Pain should not stop you from moving!

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Osteoporosis : 7 myths and realities

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Do you know these 5 tricks to naturally ease osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is caused by degeneration of the cartilage around a joint, usually due to normal wear and tear.

The role of collagen in muscles

Human body counts about 640 muscles, which makes 40% of the total body weight. Muscles are made up of cells intertwined by a connective tissue […]

What is the importance of collagen in the tendons?

First of all, a tendon is a band of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone. Tendons provide an essential support in joint movement. […]

What are Amino Acids?

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4 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

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Nuts Squares – Cécile’s comforting recipe!

At Genacol, during this period of teleworking, we all miss our little Cécile’s Nuts Squares. Here is her recipe! We are convinced that they will […]