Daylight Saving Time: Effective Tips to Survive it… Twice a Year!

À deux reprises chaque année, nous ajustons nos horloges, avançant d’une heure au printemps et reculant d’une heure en automne. Aussi simple soit-il d’avancer ou de reculer l’heure, ce changement entraîne une cascade d’effets sur notre horloge biologique, impactant notre niveau de fatigue et notre routine quotidienne.

Make physical activity part of your lifestyle

We keep hearing how important it is to be physically active and to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. The benefits to physical, mental and cognitive health are indeed numerous. The problem is that integrating regular physical activity into your lifestyle is easier said than done…

Preparing to Get Back to Summer Sports

Although we are always ready, in our hearts, to welcome the return of summer, it is important to prepare our body, whether to maximize performance at the start of the season or to limit the risk of injury.

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Genacol Products: Five Frequently Asked Questions

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Warming up Versus Stretching

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The Role of Antioxidants

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Aging in Good Health: Tips to Adopt

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The Benefits of Swimming

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