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Genacol :
scientifically proven effectiveness

At Genacol®, we care about our customers’ joint health and well-being. This is why we have been committed for more than 20 years to a quest for excellence driven by a strong desire for technical and scientific innovation.

We developed a proprietary ingredient created with patented technology: AminoLock® Collagen. To date, three independent clinical studies prove its effectiveness for joint health.

Three independent
clinical studies


Available in
more than
40 countries

Partnership with
the McGill University

The highest quality standards

They relieved their
joint pain

Great products. Highly recommend it! My knee pained for most of the last 12 months and seemed to get worse with heavy activity. I tried a joint supplement, but it didn’t help anything. Genacol made a big difference from day one and pain left me completely in less than a week. Very good products.


Definitely feeling the positive impacts of the Genacol Plus with AminoLock Collagen and Glucosamine. Do long distances on the trails and I notice an improvement in my recovery time after long training runs.

Martine Hickman

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Genacol® is a leader in natural joint care supplements in Canada.

For over 20 years, we offer a full range of natural products that are safe and effective for the joints without side effects. Our unique ingredient, AminoLock® Collagen, created with patented technology, has been the subject of three clinical studies showing its effectiveness in reducing joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

This exclusive collagen alone, or even combined with other ingredients in our products such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin or Turmeric Curcumin, allows us to offer you high-quality natural supplements for all your joint health needs.

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